Room service anyone?

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This past Monday night, I found myself in Hell’s Kitchen having dinner with a girlfriend at a Thai place called Breeze. It was mostly very forgettable except for the mango mousse dessert they had in the special Groupon pre-fix menu. Not a fan of desserts, I found this to be airy and smooth and sweet and tart and very chilled… in other words… a happy ending!

But night was still young and so we continued on in search of better drinks. And thus we arrived (ironically) at yet another Thai place called Room Service. I vaguely remembered being there before, but this time it really made an impression on me. It just looked so damn nice: dark grey painted walls with decorative moldings, small crystal drop chandeliers mixed in with ornately framed mirrors everywhere. The centerpiece was a giant crystal chandelier suspended in a floor-to-ceiling glass box in the middle of the restaurant. I even found the bathroom with its huge (almost floor-to-ceiling) standing mirror and really wide sink very… uhmm… sexy.

With abundance of bars/restaurants in the city, it always amazes me how hard it is to find a nice place to just stop by and have a drink. And at Room Service, they definitely put some thought into it… without pretense. It’s elegant and attractive without trying to be fashionable or stuck up. The crowd was mostly young (under 30) and very representative of Hell’s Kitchen area (fill in the blanks here). And I almost forgot to mention, they serve an array of really decent well-mixed drinks (that’s what we were there for after all) for … are you ready for this?… under $10. Their bestsellers were obviously mojitos because for over 2 hours we’ve watched a lone female bartender whip up batches of up to 6 mojitos at a time. I’ve tried mango (yeay!) and seasonal cherry that came in a large 16oz glass, so definitely not for whimps. And if mojito is not your poison, my friend swore by key lime pie martini that comes with crumbs sprinkled on top.

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