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For dinner tonight: Ginger shrimp in coconut sauce

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Posting recipes wasn’t in my original idea for this blog. But tonight I was thinking.. Why not? I’ve made this one a few times (aka it’s fully tested). It’s very, very simple, and yet it never fails to satisfy. It combines four of my favorite ingredients: ginger, garlic, lime and cilantro with coconut milk and… Read more »

As the night falls…

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I was recently asked to do a photo shoot at a Williamsburg-based restaurant (possibly more on that later). Having been to the restaurant before, I knew that I definitely needed a tripod. Like so many places in Brooklyn, it really comes alive at night: dimmed soft lights inside, colorful street lights outside, open windows, cool… Read more »

Lillies & dragonflies

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As customary every year, the NYBG hosted their Water Lily Concert Series this summer. The night I attended, the main attraction was a live concert with Gypsy Jazz Caravan and Saxophonist Sedric Choukroun. Before the event, attendees enjoyed after-hours access to the grounds which is always nice (aka lack of crowds). Specifically worth mentioning was… Read more »