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Wheels, parachutes, cyclones and hot dogs, of course!

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I am embarrassed to admit, but in my 21 years of living in Tri-state area, I’ve never been to Coney Island… until now! The home to the famous Deno’s Amusement Park with its iconic Wonder Wheel, the Parachute Jump tower with its ever changing light display, the Cyclone, one of the oldest wooden roller coasters,… Read more »

Farewell to winter…

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I’ve been meaning to post a few pics of the last snow storm we had in NYC for awhile now (since early February to be exact!). With the spring finally here (yeay!), it’s now or never. Winter (around the holidays, especially) is always a nice time to be in NYC. I’d have even called it… Read more »

Falling leaves…

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Fall is my favorite time of the year. And because it doesn’t seem to last as long anymore as I remember from my childhood (blame it on global warming, I guess?), I always try to get away on the weekends to enjoy that distinct, slightly damp crispiness in the air, the changing colors of the… Read more »